Digitize, standardize, and document all of your industrial workflows while keeping your team connected remotely with Mira.

Wearable Workflow Platform

Explore what makes Mira's software and hardware solutions the most cost-effective, scalable, and intuitive in the industry.

Mira Connect

Enable your remote experts to see through the eyes of the frontline workforce to guide processes and troubleshooting in realtime.

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Mira Flow

Digitize paper-and-pen workflows to enable standardized, hands-free guidance for your workforce.

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Benefits of Mira

From paper-and-pen to digital-and-accountable: reduce the room for human error while simultaneously capturing rich data that can be used to improve procedures.

  • Data-driven Records

    Elevate your organization from low accuracy and compliance to a fool-proof digital solution with transparency and auditability.

  • Increased Productivity

    Through standardizing and digitizing of workflows, gain uptime and compliance as well as critical anomaly detection.

  • A Safer Workforce

    Decrease accidents, noncompliant procedures, faulty products, and other problems that commonly arise from a lack of defined process and digital record.

Powered by the Prism Pro

Smartphone powered, compatible with your MDM

Get in and out of AR quickly with a flip of the lens

Attached camera enables the capture of clear images and streaming of video, while the battery keeps the system going

PPE compatible with off the shelf protective eyewear and MSA Type 1 V Gard hard hat

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